Servicing the Dental Profession – Tom Terry Seminars is a premier resource for the Dental Profession. For several decades we have been providing seminars and information products to the Dental Profession on a variety of topics like Patient Safety, Compliance, OSHA, Infection Control, Sterilization, Disaster Survival and Patient Service. This means you and your staff have the piece of mind knowing you are working with experts in your field!

Real Stuff, Real Results – At Tom Terry Seminars we look at the dental business saga in a whole different way. Based upon extensive experience we have created a methodology that is simple yet result producing. Working as mentors we provide precise information and simple solutions that achieves targeted results. This means you and your staff will accomplish more with less time and money!

New School Vs.¬†Old School – Let’s face the facts “dentistry has changed forever”. Today running a dental business is more complex and resource consuming than ever before. The “Old School” days were simple, basically you only needed to focus on patient care, however with the “New School” you need to focus on Patient Care, Patient Safety and Patient Service while maintaining a balance between “High Tech” and “High Touch”.

Tom Terry Seminars moves dental businesses into the “NOW” with content rich seminar presentations, information products and business tools. The type of information that is critical today, tomorrow and next year. This means you and your staff are at the front of new beginnings and are in control!

Do you and your employees have what is takes to make the “Exceptional Dental Offices” list?

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